Annual Campaigns

Each year, the Friends of Healthcare Foundation organizes events to collect funds to help the Restigouche region purchase much needed medical equipment. Here are some of these events…

Sale of wooden roses
(Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day)

Together for OUR Health Radiothon (April)

Annual Golf Tournament held by
the Friends of Healthcare Foundation (July)

Doctors’ Walk (October)

Hockey Pool for Health (October)

Montreal Canadiens Trip Package
(November and December)

Employee Lottery
Since 2004, employees of the Restigouche Zone of Vitalité Health Network and Service New Brunswick have had the chance to participate in the Employee Lottery, with just $5 taken from their pay; they qualify for the chance to win $1,000 every 2 weeks. The remainder of the money goes to the Foundation to contribute to improve health services in the region. You can register by filling out the following form (in Word or pdf format) and by returning it to us by email at or in person at our office.

Third Party events
Each year the Friends of Healthcare Foundation is the proud benefactor of many third party events. Third party events are organized and run completely independently from the Foundation, and the monies are gifted over to the Foundation afterward. Whether it’s a golf tournament, dance, special cocktail or gala evening, we wish to express thanks to those who have chosen us as the recipient for theirs. McDonald’s McHappy Day, Tim Hortons’ Smile Cookie and UNI Financial Cooperation’ Northern Star campaigns are good examples of these events.