About Us

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The Friends of Healthcare Foundation exists to support the Vitalité Health Network, Restigouche Zone – its mission, its projects, its aspirations and its most ambitious objectives.

As a charitable organization, our priority is the responsible handling of charitable donations and the dedicated stewardship of our donors. Whether you are a first-time donor, a longstanding supporter, a major donor or making a modest gift, we are committed to your experience as a valued part of this Foundation, and to ensuring that your gift is handled responsibly.

Ethics is not an optional practice in the world of charitable giving; it is the only acceptable code of conduct. In our leadership role as professional fundraisers, we acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, products, decisions and policies. We strive for transparency and clarity in all that we communicate and all that we do.

Performance in fundraising is not solely about how much money is raised. It’s about how the money was raised, what strategies were employed to raise the money, and how the money is used to the fullest advantage of the cause. In responsible, ethical fundraising, the ends do not justify the means – the means are the most important part.