TAKE-OUT The Ace of Hearts for Health

Tickets are available :

Ultramar Ramsay RSL

Sugarloaf Community Market
Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Campbellton Curling Club
Monday from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 am and 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Friends of Healthcare Foundation Office

Dalhousie :
Jean-Coutu Pharmacy

Belledune :
Guardian Restigouche

Week 1 : Mr. Denis Poirier, $ 148, Queen of Clubs
Week 2 : Mr. Jean-Rock Gagnon, $ 150, Queen of Diamonds
Week 3 : Mr. Pierrot Dufour, $ 166, Eight of Clubs
Week 4 : Mr. Daniel Doucette, $ 182, Jack of Diamonds
Week 5 : Mr. Mark Guindon, $ 268, Four of Diamonds
Week 6 : Mr. Pierrot Dufour, $ 244, King of Clubs
Week 7 : Mr. Jean-Yves Gallant, $ 398, Ace of Diamonds
Week 8 : Mrs. Sarah Daley, $ 238, Queen of Spades
Week 9 : Mr. Michel Soucy, $ 178, Eight of Spades
Week 10 : Mrs. Kathy Parker, $ 184, Eight of Hearts
Week 11: Mr. Arthur Power, $242, Five of Hearts
Week 12 : Mr. Eric Chouinard, $150, Six of Spades
Week 13 : Mrs. Tonya Chedore, $180, Four of Spades
Week 14 : Mr. Eric Landry, $246, Ten of Spades
Week 15 : Mrs. Lynn MacIntosh, $194, Nine of Diamonds
Week 16 : Mr. Mike Mundle, $308, Ten of Hearts
Week 17 : Mrs. Diane Durepos, $226, Six of Diamonds
Week 18 : Mr. Kevin Parker, $260, Two of Diamonds
Week 19 : Mr. Alphée Lirette, $246, King of Diamonds
Week 20 : Mrs Kathy Parker, $292, Seven of Spades
Week 21 : Mrs Carmelle LeBlanc, $240, Two of Spades
Week 22 : Mr. Chris McKay, $288, Nine of Spades
Week 23 : Mr. Martin LeBlanc, $256, Three of Hearts
Week 24 : Mrs. Rachelle Tuergeon, $280, Six of Clubs
Week 25 : Mrs. Lina Savoie Selesse, $780, Ace of Clubs
Week 26 : Mrs. Thérèse Dubé, $420, Three of Diamonds
Week 27 : Mr. Georges Gagnon, $838, Six of Hearts
Week 28 : Mr. Steven Down, $366, Four of Hearts
Week 29 : Mrs. Jennifer Parker, $438, Three of Spades
Week 30 : Mrs. Jennifer Parker, $722, Ace of Spades
Week 31 : Mrs. Dianne Ouellette, $484, King of Hearts
Week 32 : Mr. Kevin Parker, $506, Nine of Hearts
Week 33 : Mrs. Natasha Landry, $486, Ten of Diamonds
Week 34 : Mrs.Gisèle Haché, $966, Three of clubs
Week 35 : Mrs. Kelly McIntyre, $690, King of Spades
Week 36 : Mrs. Michelle Comeau, $666, Ten of Clubs
Week 37 : Mrs. June Craswell, $698, Five of Spades
Week 38 : Mr. Marc Borris, $728, Jack of Clubs
Week 39 : Mrs. Jane Caldwell, $776, Four or Clubs
Week 40 : Mrs. Anick Beaulieu, $890, Seven of Hearts
Week 41 : Mr. Armel Audet,$1068, Two of Clubs 
Week 42 : Mrs. Nancy Savoie, $1188, Jack of Spades
Week 43 : Mr. Mike Doiron, $1564, Queen of Hearts
Week 44 : Mrs. Marthe Lurette, $1734, Five of Clubs
Week 45 : Mrs. Suzanne Landry, $2042, Seven of Diamonds


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Chase the Ace Lottery Fundraiser 2022 Campbellton Curling Club and Friends of Healthcare Foundation

Rules and Regulations

1. Chase the Ace Lottery is a fundraiser organized by the Campbellton Curling Club and Friends of Healthcare Foundation (the organizers). The Campbellton Curling Club is located at 2 Ritchie Street, Campbellton, NB and the Friends of Healthcare Foundation is headquartered at the Campbellton Regional Hospital, 189 Lily Lake Road Campbellton NB.

2. Tickets will be sold at both these locations and designated locations. The draws will be held at the Campbellton Curling Club.

3. Tickets will be sold starting November 2, 2022. Sales will cease for the first weekly draw, November 8, 2022, and for every weekly draw thereafter, at 8:30 pm. The first weekly draw will be held Tuesday November 8, 2022 at 9:00 pm. Tuesday evening draws and weekly sales will continue until the Ace of Hearts is drawn from the deck of cards.

5. Tickets will be sold at a cost of:

$ 5 for 1 ticket

$ 10 for 3 tickets

$ 20 for 7 tickets

6.Ticket sales are restricted to individuals 19 years of age and older.

7.There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased by any one individual for the draw.

8.Ticket buyers are responsible to print their full name and contact phone number on each purchased ticket.

9. Distribution of weekly ticket sales as follows:

20% will be awarded to the winning ticket holder each draw
30% will be added to the Prize Jackpot
50% will be added to the Campbellton Curling Club renovation fund and Friends of Healthcare Medical Equipment purchase*

*The organizers agree to sharing their portion of sales as follows:  40% for the Campbellton Curling Club and 60% for the Friends of Healthcare Foundation.

10. Each Tuesday at 9:00 pm, one winning ticket will be drawn at random from the week’s ticket sales by a Campbellton Curling Club Executive or Friends of Healthcare member or other designate. The holder of the winning ticket will automatically win 20% of the ticket sales for that week unless they draw the Ace of Hearts awarding the winner the accumulated jackpot.

11. The Campbellton Curling Club or Friends of Health Care representative will call the phone number on the winning ticket and request that the winner proceed to the Curling Club within 30 minutes. Once present, the winner will then continue with the draw.

12. Draws will begin with one standard deck of 52 cards. For each subsequent round the same deck (less the last previously drawn cards) will be used. All remaining cards will be shuffled and placed face down on a table. Each card will be placed individually in numbered slots on the table. The winner will call out the number on the desired slot. The representative will flip the card from the selected slot. If the card is not the Ace of Hearts, the representatives will flip all remaining cards to reveal the Ace of Hearts.

13. If the winner is unable to be present in person at the Curling Club, the winner will provide the number of the slot holding the card they choose to the lottery representative over the phone using the speaker for everyone to hear. The representative will flip the card from the selected slot. If the card is not the Ace of Hearts, the representatives will flip all remaining cards to reveal the Ace of Hearts.

If it is impossible to reach the winner within 30 minutes, the lottery representative will randomly select an individual on location to represent the winner to select a numbered slot. The representative will flip the card from the selected slot. If the card is not the Ace of Hearts, the representatives will flip all remaining cards to reveal the Ace of Hearts.

The lottery representative will continue to reach out to the winner, after the draw, until contact is made. The weekly draw will be broadcast live and recorded on Chase the Ace Facebook Live website.

14. The drawn card will be cut in half and kept by the Campbellton Curling Club Treasurer for audit purposes. The deck will be secured and locked onsite at the Campbellton Curling Club between each week’s draw.

15. The remaining sold tickets left after the draw will be removed from the draw drum, sealed and secured separate from tickets available to be sold for the next draw. These tickets will be disposed of the day before the next draw.

16. Additional prizes will be awarded for each Ace drawn prior to the drawing of the Ace of Hearts. The first Ace drawn will win $100, the second Ace drawn will win $200 and the third Ace drawn will win $300. These bonus awards are in addition to the consolation prize.

17. If the winner draws the Ace of Hearts, the winner wins the accumulated jackpot.  The consolation prize for that week will go to the Campbellton Curling Club and Friends of Healthcare Foundation. The lottery will be deemed concluded.

18. Any winner paid a prize will automatically be deemed to grant to the Campbellton Curling Club and the Friends of Healthcare Foundation an irrevocable right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, their full name, hometown and photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights. The winner who is paid a prize also gives the organizers the right to publish any additional information that they voluntarily provide. The winner shall have no claim against the Campbellton Curling Club of Friends of Healthcare Foundation for invasion of privacy or any other ground(s) by reason of the publication or broadcasting of their name, hometown or photograph or information voluntarily provided by the winner.

19. The jackpot winner will provide their full name, address and phone number to the

organizers for reporting requirements of the New Brunswick department of Public Safety, Gaming, Liquor and Security. The address and phone number will not be made public.

Special Notes:

  • The jackpot winner must show proof of identification and will be required to claim winnings in the form of a cheque.
  • The jackpot will start at $5000 and will increase with the proceeds of each week’s sales.
  • Campbellton Curling Club and Friends of Healthcare reserve the right to end the draw when deemed necessary with approval from department of Public Safety, Gaming, Liquor and Security. If the draw is ended when deemed necessary, a winner of the jackpot will be determined on the final draw.
  • Should there be inclement weather or other unforeseen events that cancels school on a draw night, the draw will be postponed until the next available evening. This will be announced on local radio stations, the Campbellton Curling Club and the Friends of Healthcare Facebook websites and on the organizers’ websites, campbelltoncurling.pointstreaksites.com and friendsofhealthcarefoundation.ca
  • Sales and draws will not be held during statutory holidays.