First Multicultural Taste nets $380 for the Friends of Healthcare Foundation

Jami Sridhar, Inas Yacoub, Wei Wang, Warren Lyew, Jean-Luc Landry, Jamie O’Rourke, Prachishree Patra, Manjushah Kumar, Shruti Kumar

From left to right: Dr. Jami Sridhar, President of the Restigouche Multicultural Association, Dr. Inas Yacoub, Dr. Wei Wang, Dr. Warren Lyew, Jean-Luc Landry, Executive Director of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation, Jamie O’Rourke, Executive Director of the Restigouche Multicultural Centre, Prachishree Patra, Manjushah Kumar, and Shruti Kumar

Campbellton (NB) – The Restigouche Multicultural Association held on March 14th its first Multicultural Taste event. The event was a great success and the team proudly raised the amount of $380 for the Friends of Healthcare Foundation.

“Over 75 people attended the event and had the opportunity to sample 35 different dishes while listening to music from various countries and testing their karaoke skills, plus all participants had a great time” adds Dr. Jami Sridhar, president of the Restigouche Multicultural Association.

Jean-Luc Landry, Executive Director of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation, would like to thank all those who participated in the event. A thank-you also to the members of the Restigouche Multicultural Association for taking the initiative to put this first Multicultural Taste together and of course a special thank-you to the ladies who cooked these fabulous dishes.

Finally, the Foundation is always very happy to have the support of people in the community. This amount will be added to the Foundation’s 2015-2016 Annual Campaign whose financial objective is $225,000.