Local businesses offers gifts

FPL Holdings Inc. (François Poirier and Pascal Labrecque) and FP Marketing Inc. (Nathalie Poirier) wishes to join the Friends of Healthcare Foundation in offering gift bags to employees who participate in the employee lottery. This generous gesture is very much appreciated by those participating in the employee lottery.

Ninety gift bags approximate value of $4,000 that include gift cards from local vendors, among other things, fifty will be drawn randomly. Mr. Poirier says that the goal is to support our local businesses that were hit hard during the pandemic while recognizing the hard work of Vitalité Health Network personnel in the Restigouche Zone. He is very happy to make this contribution and thanks the local businesses and Bower Hotel for the support. Mr. Poirier says that he encourages others to do the same in supporting local businesses.

Jean-Luc Landry, Executive Director of the Foundation, is pleased to be part of this original initiative from Mr., Mrs. Poirier and Mr. Labrecque of FPL Holdings Inc and FP Marketing Inc. He thanks them on behalf of the Foundation and employees participating in the employee lottery.

The Board of Directors and staff of the Friends of the Healthcare Foundation would like to join FPL Holding Inc. and FP Marketing Inc. in wishing you happy and safe holidays while supporting our local businesses!