2016 Northern Star Lighting Ceremony

Over 110 Christmas trees were simultaneously lit last evening in front of seven healthcare facilities in northern New-Brunswick

For the 12th consecutive year, over 110 Christmas trees were simultaneously lit in front of Chaleur Regional Hospital, Enfant-Jésus RHSJ† HospitalLamèque Hospital and Community Health Centre, Tracadie-Sheila Hospital, Campbellton Regional Hospital, Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Joseph de Saint-Quentin and Grand Falls General Hospital. Those establishments welcomed a few hundred people who came out to dedicate a Christmas tree in the name of a person or group of their choice in return for a $200 contribution.

Mike Doiron, Chairperson of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation; Janluc Gagné, Assistant Director of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation, Joyce Roberts, representative for UNI Financial Cooperation and Chantal Comeau, Coordinator for the Friends of Healthcare Foundation

“Lighting these trees is an opportunity to welcome and raise awareness among the region’s families. Illuminating the hospital entrance also creates a warm atmosphere that is greatly appreciated by employees and patients alike. It is important to point out that the campaign will be continuing until the end of December,” explained Bernard Thériault, Chair of the Northern Star Campaign for the Caraquet region.

This unifying project was made possible by a partnership between UNI Financial Cooperation and the seven aforementioned hospital foundations. Since 2005, the Northern Star Campaign has raised $747,857 toward the needs in the northern part of the province. We want to point out that 100% of the funds collected from the community will go toward improving the region’s health care services.

The public is invited to visit www.etoilenord.ca to contribute to better health care in the region.