A gift that goes a long way!

Jean-Luc Landry, Régis Castonguay, Allison Metallic, Sylvain Delasablonnière, Nathalie Blaquière

From left to right: Jean-Luc Landry, Executive Director of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation, Régis Castonguay, co-owner of VC Renovations DKI, Allison Metallic, owner or Restigouche Drive-Thru, Sylvain Delasablonnière, winner of the Montreal Canadiens trip package, and Nathalie Blaquière, Senior Agent for Via Rail Canada Campbellton. Missing from the photo: François Lévesque, Sales Agent for Molson Coors Canada Baie-des-Chaleurs

Campbellton, N.B. – The Friends of Healthcare Foundation is pleased to announce that the lucky winner of the trip package to go see the Montreal Canadiens is Mr. Sylvain Delasablonnière. He had received his winning ticket as a Christmas gift. His gift turned into a package worth over $3,000, including: great tickets for 2 to attend 2 games of the Montreal Canadiens at Centre Bell on February 6 and 7, courtesy of Molson Coors Canada and Restigouche Drive-Thru; a pair of round-trip train tickets (in a cabin for 2) from Campbellton to Montreal, courtesy of Via Rail Canada; a room for 2 at Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, as well as $610.00 spending money, courtesy of VC Renovations DKI. Congratulations to Mr. Delasablonnière!

This fundraising event enabled the Friends of Healthcare Foundation to raise $12,100, or $1,750 more than last year! This amount will contribute to the purchase of the following equipment:

Campbellton Regional Hospital

  •   Training on dementia for the Healthy Aging Department
  •   2 high definition endoscopy monitors for the Surgical Suite
  •   Birthing bed for the Obstetric/Gynecology Department
  •   Specialized training for the Occupational Therapy, Communication Disorders and EmployeeTraining and Development Departments
  •   Miscellaneous equipment for the Veterans Unit
  •   Endocavity transducer for the Surgical Suite Restigouche Hospital Centre

 Stationary bicycles for real and virtual competition for the Recreology Department Jacquet River Health Centre
 Centrifuge for the Laboratory
E.L. Murray Clinic
 Oxygen saturation monitor

“I would like to thank all those who entered the draw as well as those who sold tickets, as more than 1,600 tickets were sold!” said Mr. Jean-Luc Landry, Executive Director of the Friends of Healthcare Foundation. “I would also like to thank our sponsors, Molson Coors Canada, Restigouche Drive- Thru, Via Rail Canada and VC Renovations DKI for having made this draw possible. I invite you to participate again next year in this annual event.”